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Deep Tooth Trimmer Outliner Replacement Blade provide close cutting performance on Andis GTX/GTO, Features;

  • High quality Zirconia Ceramics
  • Sharp and Strong
  • Heat Resistant
  • Easy Installation
  • 32 Ceramic Teeth
  • Moveable Blade 

The Clipper Blade is made from high-tech Zirconia Ceramics,  it's wear-resistant, durable and

is designed for superior performance,  ensuring sharp and precise cutting. 

The blade is heat resistant for a cooler and more comfortable cutting, practical and anti-rust.

Can be used to upgrade steel blades to ceramic blades, simply replace the steel cutter of a steel blade with a ceramic cutter.


Andis GTX/GTO T-3 Blade Replacement T-Outliner Timmer

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