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Lay and slay with the coconut scented 24 Hour Edge Tamer Gel. Offers unrivaled extreme hold for all hair textures, including 4C. Our 24 Hour Edge Tamer Gel will keep you white flake and residue-free, humidity-resistant so your edges remain tamed from day tonight.


[EXTREME FRIM HOLD] Long lasting all day hold, so you can go about your day without worrying about your edges being in place and flattening down flyaway. 24-hour maximum hold as stated in the name.
[COCONUT] Provides protection for your hair and scalp to prevent irritations. Is filled with nourishment that quickly and easily soak into the hair to provide the moisture to tame frizz as well of heal breakage.


EBIN of New York 24 Hour Tamer Gel (1.4OZ)

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