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Hair Clipper Guards 10 Pcs Colorful Attachment Combs, Hair Cutting Universal Guards Guide Combs Set for Most Hair Clippers/Trimmer.


Guide Combs

1.Each comb has a different code, you can easily choose the size you need, and it is convenient for you to connect it with the clipper. It is a necessary tool for hair cutting and hairdressing.


2.Made of high-quality materials, strong and durable. Exquisite design, can help you easily locate and control the length of the haircut. Any type of hair can be cut safely and accurately.


3.The kit is easy to use, just fix the comb on the bottom of the cutter and then pull it up to fix it. It can be used effectively in dry and wet conditions, is waterproof, fast and easy to cut.


4.The guide comb kit can be used for excellent tool replacement and clippers. The integrated horizontal lines are easy to operate and easily create cool and fashionable hairstyles.

Hair Clipper Guards 10 Pcs Colorful Attachment

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